Retired - Now in New Homes

"Looker" Am. Can. Ch. Wenrick's Caught You Looking ROM
"Clark" Can. Am. Grand BISS Ch. Wenrick's Hollywood Memories
"Journey" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Winterholme Journey ROM
"Simon" Am. Br. Ch. Pepper's Exclusive N'Jenset
"Maddie" Am Ch. Wenrick's Chantilly Spotlight
"Bea" BIS Can Ch. Wenrick's Betting On Opal
"Listen" Am Ch Wenrick's Stop Look And Listen
"Shadow" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Night Shadows
"Buttercup" Am. Grand Ch. Wenrick's Palaquin Mystery
"Izzy" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Taking It Easy
"Loki" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Capture The Look
"Torie" Wenrick's A Captivating Look
"Colin" Am.Can. Ch.Wenrick's Doll Collection ROM
"Bee" Am. Grand Ch. Wenrick's BusyBee N'Palaquins
"DeeDee" Wenrick's Designer Edition
"Fallon" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Face Of A Doll
"Ginger" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Ginger Bell Rock
"Jackie" Can.Ch. Wenrick's The Diva In Jackie O ROM
"Rocky" Winterholme's Rockin N'Wenrick

Can.Ch. Wenrick's Top Man N Rustinwood ROM

"Manny" Am.Can.Braz.World Pan Am Ch. Wenrick's Man of Distinction
"Selena"  BIS BISS Am.Can. Ch. Wenrick’s Sweet Surrender
"Brooke" BIS BISS Am.Can.Bda. Ch Wenrick's Fashionably Dressed
"Julia"  Am.Can.Ch.Wenrick's She's A Movie Star
"Lily" Am.Ch. Wenrick's Chantilly Actress
"Domino"  Am. Can. Ch Wenrick's Dressed for Success ROM
"Cameron" Am. Can. Ch. Wenrick's Totally Captivating
"Spice" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Exotic Spice
"Jamie" Can. Ch.Wenrick's Encore N'Langrove
"Dolly" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Simply A Doll
"TJ" Can. Ch. Wenrick's A Woman's Choice
"Tessa" Am.Can. Ch.Wenrick's Hollywood Mistress
"Holly"  Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Hollywood Affair
"Diva" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Jackie-O The Diva
"Enya" Can. Ch. Wenrick's An Exquisite Woman
"Mindy" Can. Ch. Pftag's Flattered By Wenrick
"Cole" Am.Can. Ch. Wenrick's The Way It Is
"Chance" Am. Ch. Wenrick's Chantilly Doll
"Nathan" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Guys N' Dolls N' Jenset
"Tyra" Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Inside Hollywood ROM
"Whoopi" Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Hurrah In Dungreggor 
"Bella" Am.Can. Ch. Ruperts A Touch Of Wenrick
"Usher" Wenrick's Lasting Impression
"Brittney" Am. Can. Ch. Wenrick's Hollywood Celebrity
"Vivian"  Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's A Vibrant Woman
"Celine"  Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Sweet Sensation
"Rizzo" Can. Ch. Wenrick's Rizzo N'Dungreggor
"J-lo" Can. Ch.Wenrick's Legendary Sunset
"Cody" Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Impeccably Dressed   
"Sunny"  BISS Am/Can Champion Wenrick's On Sunset Boulevard ROM
"Total" Ch Wenrick's Total Eclipse
"Ebony" Ch Wenrick's Rainbows To Sunsets
"Cutter" Can Ch Fantasy's Shortcut T'Wenrick
"Tory"  Can Thai Ch. Wenrick's Hollywood Actor
"Sassy" Can.Ch. Wenrick's Sweet N Sassy ROM
"Cher" Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Panda Collectible
"Mariah" BIS Am.Can. Ch. Wenrick's More Than A Woman
"Style" Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Dressed In Style
"Cash"  Can.Ch. Jackpot Di Casa Corsini
"Erin" Am.Can. Ch. Wenrick's Smartly Dressed
"Vivian"  Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's A Vibrant Woman
"Betsy"  Am.Can.Ch. Wenrick's Dressed The Best ROM
"Envy" Am.Can.Ch.Wenrick's Hollywood Envy
"Lady" Am.Can. Ch. Lady Wenrick Di Casa Corsini
"Seri" Wenrick's Sweet Serenity
"Tony" Am. Can. Ch. Wafer's Tony Award N'Wenrick
"Cutie" Wenrick's Incredibly Cute
"Reese" Wenrick's Legally Blonde
"Quantos" Quantos Di Casa Corsini




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Wenrick Reg'd
Richard Paquette & Wendy Paquette
Box 640, 411 St Agnes St W
Azilda (Sudbury) ON P0M 1B0
Tel 1-705-983-2630
Fax 1-705-983-5147
Wenrick dogs are exclusively fed       ProPLan